The SP BackPack in Grey & White
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The SP BackPack in Grey & White
The SP BackPack in Grey & White
The SP BackPack in Grey & White
The SP BackPack in Grey & White
The SP BackPack in Grey & White
The SP BackPack in Grey & White
The SP BackPack in Grey & White
The SP BackPack in Grey & White

The SP BackPack in Grey & White



  • SMELL PROOF TECHNOLOGY: Contains a hidden layer of ACTIVATED CARBON FIBER that absorbs and filters odors. The strategically chosen Water-Resistant Zipper is extra tight in design to significantly help trap the Smells in to be filtered. The WHOLE BAG is lined with the Activated Carbon Lining including the main & front compartment.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & WEATHER RESISTANT: Premium Canvas Material which is Water Resistant. The Zipper is also water resistant making the whole bag completely weather resistant.
  • DISCREET DESIGN: While most smell proof bags on the market decided to have their Activated Carbon Lining exposed, Snoop Proof Designers decided to incorporate a more discreet layout. The Activated Carbon Lining is hidden behind a strategically thin fashionable layer of polyester so that the Smell Proof Function is not super obvious. The Water-Resistant TPU Tape is on the interior side of the Zipper.
  • Weight: 9.6 oz
  • Dimensions: L 10.5" x H 5" x D 2.5" 
  • Strap Length: 34"-48"  Based on Size M. See Size Guide & Tips
  • Fully Lined with Carbon Fiber
  • Smell Proof / Odor-Absorbing
  • 2 Discreet Reversed Watertight Zipper with Rubber Seal to trap smell
  • 2 Adjustable belt straps
  • Gold Metal Hardware
  • Large Front Zippered Storage Compartment
  • Discreet Back Zippered Pocket
  • Sleeve pocket inside front storage pocket for organization 
  • Exterior Pu Leather
  • Interior Lining 100% Polyester
  • Comes with velour dust bag
  • Can be worn on the waist, hip, or crossbody style.
  • Gender Neutral  

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"This bag Is PERFECT. I’ve been looking around for a smell proof bag that was stylish enough for me to use. The color stands out and pockets are big enough to put your stuff in. It also comes with a few items inside that puts the cherry on top. Would highly recommend."

-Amazon Customer-

"This bag is dope, it's designer bag at a reasonable price. I feel like I'm wearing something from Tom Ford or Fashion Nova when Im wearing this bag and I got to save hundreds of dollars :). The texture/feel/quality of this bag is amazing, and it is very effective as well. If you want to look fly and stand out, this bag is for you. Ive been waiting for a bag like this for a long time. Thank you Snoop Proof Team for the amazing product and can't wait to see what else you come out with in the future. Get this stuff now while its reasonably priced, because when it blows up its gonna be the next Supreme."

-Zachary Brody-

"I've been looking for a smell proof bag that had this designer look and I'm so glad I found this one. I'm amazed at the quality and it even came with some extra goodies. High quality zipper and I like the extra pocket inside."

-Abu Abdirahim-